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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning everyone. also developing right new take a live look at an airport where the baggage hand letters walk off the job earlier then expect. we're their life as well with the reason they are upset and impact the strike could have on travelers. but first let get our traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. katie, good morning. >> good morning. the story is, it is not just as bad as a day in terms of the harsh winter chill and cold wind that made it feel worse. it is still below average talking thermometer readings but little less harsh and we have a nice spring -like warm up in the card down the the road. we will tell you when coming up, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. we were just talking about the airport or ukee was just talking about the airport. lets get to i-95 around philadelphia international airport where we don't have any delays so far, owe far so good but only 5:30. when that sun comes up the rush will come in as we wait on it, now back to the desk. we will be back with a whole lot more, ukee. >> more on our breaking news,
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will be down lifted following an overnight shooting at florida state university. suspect gunman is dead and three others were wounded, it all happened at library on campus where police say they return fire after the gun man shot at them. an eyewitness described what we heard. >> we were on the first floor, we heard two shots, while we were being moved up the stairwell, we were on the third floor, i her from outside about five or six rifle shots go off. >> at this second it is unclear if the wounded were shot by that gunman. all three were rushed to the hospital, one of which remains in chris will california condition. classes are canceled today at fsu. it could be a rough morning for travelers at philadelphia international airport, baggage handlers have pulled out the picket signs. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from mobile three with the very latest information, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i actually spoke to the strike
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organizer a short time ago and she said strike was in the supposed to start until 7:00 but it looks like these baggage hand letters have already gone on strike chanting we're on strike, hours before they had planned to do that. more than a hundred baggage hand letters at philadelphia international airport had pledge to step off the job demanding better benefits and higher wages. the passengers here hope they does not cause delays. these workers that are going on strike right now are men and with men responsible forgetting checked bags scanned and tsa. you often see them loading bags off conveyor belts and carousals. there are 125 employees here at phl and they are employed by prime flight which contracts with individual airlines. these baggage handlers tell "eyewitness news" that they are currently paid $9 an hour instead of the $10.88 to promise. they voted to unionized and local 32bjsciu is organizing the work stoppage this morning as many baggage hand letters
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say they will step off the job until they get what they want. >> we bust our butts. people think we are not baggage hand letters. we're lifting back. i'm a female lifting 70, eight, 90 bags. for them to treat us, the way we get treated, we don't even have a break room. >> reporter: not all of the employees plan to go on strike, an airport spokesperson says that they have been in contact with as many as ten airlines that subcontract with prime flight and we are told all airlines do have a contingency plan in place. but again live here on the scene at philadelphia international airport you can see a big crowd across the street there already on strike. they plan to go on strike at 7:00 but here we are at 5:30 and they have already stepped off the job. we're reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 5:33. let's check with katie. we are seeing an improvement. >> we will still be below
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average when it comes to the thermometer readings which is very early, for comparison to where we should be on the thermometer but you we will take what we can get. it is not as harsh today as yesterday or day before was and we will look forward to the forecast, to a nice warming trend if you are sick of this already, let me start off by taking you out here to storm scan three. we don't have too much to show but when you throw this in motion and put satellite overtop you can see what looks like we have had some light snow falling here across lehigh rally and poconos region. sometimes radar will show things that are not actually falling to the ground or won't show anything and you have got something falling to the ground. sometimes you have to read between the lines, basically what we are fining here is upper level moisture running into too much dry air. we have had overcast skies which we are fining currently here at palmyra cove nature park, new jersey. 34 degrees there. certainly with any included cover we had throughout the overnight it has allowed to us moderate up a bit here. it hasn't been quite as cold.
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it is closer to average. there is a hint of the breeze, more out of the southwest, however but not as biting as a cold win and does feel like the 20's but we could not break feels like values out of the 20's yesterday at any point during the day. it is a very modest victory but it is something, right? as we go down the shore here 47 the spec high that breeze is still pronounced for you at the shore. basically any time today. in the poconos we are just shy of freezing but again, it is better then it was, although still about 10 degrees below the seasonal normal, vittoria. >> you have to keep that glass half full attitude. >> exactly. >> good morning, everyone. traveling on the majors i do have good news. you don't have any major problems at all traveling in delaware, traveling in new jersey, traveling in pennsylvania. first up, traveling i the five around philadelphia international airport just note we are not seeing any delays at philly international. so definitely nice travel conditions for you when you get there. but getting there, 95 also
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looks great. in delays in either direction. heading in delaware county out of delaware county, around northeast, center city section, 95 the entire stretch is great. this is 202 around right 30 only a few vehicles out there and that is what we are seeing all over on every major at this point. speed sensors high up still in the 50 ease. fifty-five in the schuylkill. same on the blue route and i-95. we are not seeing that huge southbound slow down yet in the city, erika. thanks, variety tore y more fall out from sexual assault accusations against bill cosby. tv land has pulled reruns of the cosby show from its line up, nbc has shelved comedy pilot the comedian was developing. in recent weeks three women have have alleged that cosby assaulted them. earlier this month cosby would not discuss accusations with an associated press reporter. >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> i just wanted to ask you if you wanted to respond as to whether any of that was true.
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>> i have in response. >> no formal charges have been filed against cosby, his lawyer denied the accusations. our time is now 5:37n business news how jet blue's investors will impact your travel experience. >> also is what going on, on wall street lets check with jill wagner up at the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stocks are looking to rebound after closing lower for the first time. dow jones slipped two points. nasdaq was down about 27, there was company confusion over minutes from the feds last meeting and when it could raise short term interest rates. big changes are coming into jet blue, airline will start charging for checked bags on some of its cheapest flights. it is also adding 15 seats to planes, we know what that means, less leg room. this have move comes amid pressure from investors continue on crease revenues.
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so now southwest is the only big airline to offer free checked bags. mozill a is dropping google for firefox browser and replacing it with yahoo. this is for u.s. users on their computers, phones and tablets. mozilla and yahoo reached a five-year deal. when you hear nestle you may think hot check late and sweets but the company is report liz working on a drink that helps people lose weight. according to bloom bergen sames which stimulate metabolism and burn calories just like exercising does but before we get too excited this is years from hitting store shelves, so i guess we should keep our gym memberships for now, ukee and quarter. >> so nice though. >> nestle makes the very best. >> well, now i do. >> some people out there. sorry. >> i remember that.
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>> check it out, ukee. jill is on top of things good throw back thursday, why not. in other news the future of the old revel contact even owe in atlantic city is backup in the air that the buyer is backing out. brookfield asset management agreed to buy the casino for 110 million-dollar but canadian company decided to pull out of the purchase. sources say that the deal fell apart because of a disagreement over revel's power plant. revel was atlantic city's most expensive casino when it opened in 2012 but it closed two months ago after declaring bankruptcy. another developer bid on the property has in the said if he he is interested in buying it now. 5:39 right now. don't waste your money on dangerous toys this holiday season, three is on your side with a a new list of the most unsafe toys for children. bono banged up after falling off the bike and now it turns out his injuries are more serious then we thought. there is in better time to quit smoking than today the great american smoke out doctor jen just walk in the
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studio here's with the best ways to kick habit so it stick, we will be right back.
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a philadelphia police are officer and two civilians are being treated for this crash at haines and chew in germantown. investigators say that the suv also struck a police vehicle. president obama plans to sign executive action that is could spare as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. some of the measures would expand protections, signs two years ago. the the president will address the nation on the bills, and you can see at dress on cbs six people are lucky to be alive right now this morning all thanks to the quick thinking of three good smart tans. new castle county police say five adults and a five-year old boy were riding in this suv when it lost control and crash in the retaining pond. twenty-four year-old graph eggers told "eyewitness news" without hesitation he and two other men rush into the freezing water. >> i jumped over and got on the other side. i looked. there was the driver completely upside down, head totally in water. completely unconscious.
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so first thing that ran through my mind was lets get him out. >> reporter: driver regain consciousness after being pulled out of the water. he and four other adults were hospitalized in serious condition. five-year old boy is in critical condition, with a head injury. before you start your holiday shopping a watch dog group released a list of the ten most dangerous toys. that includes a pencil with a sling shot attached to the eraser, and also, there is a bow that shoots an arrow up to 145 feet, that also made the list of the worst toys. toy warranty should only pull arrows back at half string. now if you want toe that full list of the ten worst toys go to cbs philly to the come. right now lets get traffic and weather together at 5:43 and that snow is relentless. >> it is, here's a different perspective of that snowstorm pounding buffalo right now. this door actually caved in under the pressure of the snow
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we saw this week and they have received american 6 feet of snow and counting. woman who wheated that picture of the broken door says snowstorms, i'm tapping out, you win. this has been absolutely rough stuff for this part of the country and still even right new we have lake effect banding going on this time around. it is courtesy of a second frontal boundary moving through. first round had basically finish but then another frontal boundary kick ago this same wind flow into the very same spots getting hit, yet again. new as we look forward in our forecast nationwide it does appear as though colder air dives south and milder air, it is as though pattern gets flipped on its end here will warm up very nicely in the just here in the delaware valley but very likely a surge on the thermometer out toward the great lakes region where we have seen all that snow. hopefully people clean these roofs off because there might be flooding, roof collapses as
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that snow melts a little bit but this is just good stuff down the road. look at the difference in the 24 her temperature change this same time yesterday we were 14 degrees colder this philadelphia 16 degrees colder in atlantic city. it is starting to warm up a little bit, with that said, it is still cold. we will take victories where what he can get them but we are going to moderate up a bit here. we are shooting for 43 degrees today. still 10 degrees below seasonal average. come tomorrow that same cold front does knock us back in the 30's at best but look at this warm up. we are climbing ten full degrees with every passing day to the point we're almost flirting with 70 on monday. that is a warming trend but it does come with the trade off rain by sunday night, showers by monday but our record high on monies 71 degrees. so we will be flirting with that in the days ahead. absolutely something to look forward to, wouldn't you say, vittoria. >> nice way to end the week went a good start. good morning, everyone.
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we have a great start to the morning traveling on any majors right now it is beautiful. take a a look at schuylkill expressway in delays in either direction here. moving are well at 476, and really anywhere within your western suburbs, center city, in and out of the city, lou great. even if you are making your way in there trenton route one at trenton morrisville bridge. north and southbound we are moving well. no major problems. look at our speed sensors. fifty-five on the schuylkill. same thing on 476. even 95 southbound is usually the first place where we will see rush hour delays but so far so good this morning. we are still waiting on it. as we continue lets continue with an update on 422 at pine land road and still closed. your best alternate toys take lincoln road no delays for mass transit and things at the airport look just fine, erika? if you you are thinking of quitting smoke to go day is a
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perfect day to start. it is american cancer society's annual great american smoke out. it encourages smoke tours commit to quit. >> what is the best way, family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins with us some goes ises. hi doctor, good morning. >> can health damages be reversed and how long before we see result. >> one of the things patients tell will me in my office when i talk to them about quitting smoking they say i have been smoking all these years what difference does it make new. the truth is, it can make a big difference. a as effects can be noticed as soon as 20 minutes after putting out that cigarette. within 20 minutes of putting out that cigarette your heart rate and blood pressure can start to drop. couple weeks to a few months your circus improves. few months late their smokers cough can go way with shortness of breath decreasing but we have noticed changes years later. one to five to ten years after that, we notice risk of coronary difficult ease cut in half. certain cancers at five years are reduced and risk of dying
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from lung cancer is cut in half at ten years. >> wow. >> it is never too late to quit, let's put it that way so go ahead and quit. >> today is the day. i will stop quitting. what is best way to get started. >> you have to have a plan. having that resolve saying i'm going to quit, you have to be ready to quit. that is most important thing. then set a quit date. it might to be day or a week or so, but tell your family, your friend, i'm trying to quit smoking get that support that you need and make sure that you remove temptations reminders of smoking. get rid of the ashtrays, lighters and things like. that then really use your support system and set up rewards for yourself when you meet milestones. that is very important. >> federal government study shows more than a fifth of american teens expect or use tobacco in some ways. today we're talking about quitting. talk about the importance of not starting in the first place. we have peer pressure and everything out there. >> i remember peer pressure.
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it just happens. the thing bit is smoking effects every organ in the body. one of the best ways to not have to quit is to never start in the first place. we know that 480,000 people every year in the united states, die from smoking-related death. so this is one of my calls to action here is really for parents. parents, please talk to your kids. it is one of the most important things we can do is to have that open conversation about smoking. its harmful effects. fur child does expect help them quit and give them resource glows any quick tips. >> there are lots of great products, over counter, prescription products, counseling. i have had patient do well with hip necessary and acupuncture. we don't after lot of date a speak with your doctor. there are great resources for quitting out there. >> doctor jen, thanks very much. >> like wide. 5:49. before you walk out the door we will get traffic and weather on the three's. katie lets you know when we get a break. i saw 60 something in the five
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day. >> sixtying on. >> wow. >> you don't need my glasses. >> i may need to bureau them. do you need extra walking around money for holidays? we want to give you hundred bucks. woword of the day coming up next. but first here's what is coming up tonight right here on cbs-3.
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oh, yeah, wouldn't it be fun, put a little extra money in your wallet. how does hundred dollars sound. >> more fun to spend it. >> that money can be yours this morning, here's what you have to do to have a chance to win just text a secret word
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two words right now, it is one week, text those two words because one week until thanksgiving to 84816 or enter on line at cbs to win. running out of chance, less than a week here with "eyewitness news", only a hundred dollars gift card twice a day until next wednesday, your next chance to win is coming in an hour and message and data rates do apply. hard to believe, it is one week until thanksgiving with these temperatures, how bit. >> this is definitely a chilly day but it is warmer then yesterday. we will take the victory where we get them. we are expect to stay dry, see that sunshine, out there, once again, a few more clouds out there as we have been going forward in the forecast here we are expect to go see those clouds, brighten up, we had to clear up. we will brighten up. but it is still chilly. it is only expect to hit 43 degrees and we should be typically in the in mid 50's. so next three days are still below the normal but i promise a warm upcoming as early as
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sunday. so it is getting better, vittoria. >> do you promise. >> i promise. >> i promise. >> katie promise, outside the screen. >> gotcha a. >> good morning, all bridges moving great, platt bridge in delays in either direction heading down to 26th and pen rose making your way down to the airport. lou good but things will change, thhat is why you want to keep it here on has helped all selling or trading in.with we make selling your car, truck or suv, fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation.
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the central park bicycle accident that put u2 front man in the hospital bono in the hospital was worse than we thought. >> new york presbyterian hospital tells bbc singer needed two surgeries within for a broken arm and other on his hand. he had a facial fracture and a broken shoulder blade. the issue revealed bono's injury on monday and canceled a week long residency on the
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tonight show while he recovers. much worse then first thought. >> get well. coming up on "eyewitness news" we have an update on our breaking news a deadly shooting on the campus of florida state university, officials are about to comment for the first time, we will have the latest for you. and many people have criticized barbie over the years for not representing the average woman so now a company is introducing the new you normal barbie, a doll with acne, tattoos, and even cellulite. yep. see it when we come back good morning.
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good morning. more on our breaking news a campus shooting at florida state university leads three college students wounded and suspect gunman is dead. >> as don champion reports that building was packed with students preparing for finals when that shooting happened.
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>> there has been a shooting at the library. >> reporter: video recorded by a student showed moments after a gunman opened fire at florida state university main library, students inside huddled together as an officer talk over a loud speaker. >> if anybody has been shot, call 911 on your cell phone. >> reporter: shooting happened around midnight inside the library which is opened 24 hours. three people were injured and then taken to the hospital. >> the the fsu police challenge the gun man outside the library, they gave him command, he did not ape fired a shot at the officers. >> reporter: gunman was shot and killed with finals approaching, university officials say library was packed with hundreds of students when the shooting happened, a photo from the shoot inside library shows bags abandoned and lap tops left behind. other photos show an officer checking bags as the building was cleared and students, leaving with their hand up. the tallahassee p


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